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So a long time ago we told you that we were approved and being added to the official Pixelmon Technic pack! This however doesn't seem to have panned out for us in the long run.(2 months later no less) One of the things we did to allow ourselves the chance for this to happen was to remove the IV Conversions from the donation shop. Since this is something that we no longer need to not have to be considered for this position we will officially be adding them back soon. We decided though that in order to try and make it as minimally Pay to win as possible to add a vote option reward to the shop at the same time we reintroduce the IV Conversions.

Please know that we are making both these items pretty pricey to make it something that hopefully people use occasionally. We do not want to have hundreds of perfect legendary pokemon and Dittos flying around all the time. We will make an announcement about the release whenever they are live on the server.

2nd Order of Buisness is the Update Game Version-

Don't panic it is in the works. There are some plugins that were problem causing for some people which are being squished as we speak! Working on getting some plugin configurations up to code and updating to hopefully remove some of the delightful bugs people have been experiencing Squished. Expect an update by the end of this week (if my sanity is still intact)

Lastly I wanted to make everyone aware that Growllas is no longer part of the staff team. She left on amicable terms and has been brought back to her founder rank (yes she purchased it before being staff). We are always looking for good staff members and as of late we have had an influx of good applicants. If you wanted to join the Moderator team please know that we will be closing apps soon if we score a good mod or two. So please apply now if you were on the fence.

Togei's Eggstravaganza begins today at 6pmEST (doesn't include the battle tournament. Tournament is on 4/8/17. Prizes and tournament time will be announced on Thursday 4/5/18). Togepi has gone missing! We need you the players to help us find them. Officer Jenny at spawn will give you the scoop. Then it is up to you to find and save the missing togepi and other fairy pokemon. Take part in CrystalFire Pixelmons second event and earn some really rare and interesting prizes!

Easter Will be Here before you know it. With it brings our first Battle Tournament! Please sign up so we know who is interested! The more people who enter the better the Prize!  Tournament Sign up and rules are located here. We hope to see you all in the tournament!

Valentines Mini Event

Fabyoulust posted Feb 12, 18

For Valentines this year with everything being updated and worked on we decided to focus on making an Easter Event and doing a smaller thing for Valentines. More details on Easter below.  We have a plugin that will allow each of you to send rare candy Candygrams to each other! This allows you to send 3 candygrams total. Be aware this will on Valentines Day(2/14/18) only.

Send someone a candygram /CandyGram <name>

No you can't send them to yourself. and you only get 3!

you can also run around that day with hearts over your head with /ToggleVEffect.

As far as Easter goes the only thing that i can tell you is to TRAIN YOUR COMPETITIVE POKEMON. We plan to have a big Tournament. The rules and more details will come by the end of this month. We will have a HUGE scale event this time too. Cold Tidings was the warm up compared to this one!

CFEvent- Love Bites

_Faolen_ posted Feb 5, 18

Sale starts at 12:01AM 2/6/18
For a limited time our shop will offer 20% off all items! If you had your eye on something now is the perfect time to buy it and support the server! This is our first sale to date and you can bet we will not do them often.

For the duration of the sale we are also going to DOUBLE the amount of vote points you get for voting! Double up during the sale to boost your vote points!

As always thanks for playing on CFPixelmon!
The CFPixelmon Staff Team